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La Nostra Storia

It all started with a childhood friendship. Marco, Alberto and Pietro wanted to design their own sweatshirt so they joined together and did it. Shortly after they realized how much people were excited about that and they decided to do something bigger which would have made its mark.

This is the beginning of the Wooden story, when in 2011 the first store opened in Verona.

Some years later Edoardo and Stefano joined the big family.

Today Wooden counts with many flagship stores in several cities in Italy where people can buy the exclusive collections which are the result of a combination between the Nordic style and the Japanese street fashion 


Wooden was founded with the intent to give people the possibility to express their identity by choosing among different products always new and never repetitive.

Products are all made and styled in Italy with a meticulous attention to fabrics and details.

The focus is on just few products per collection because the objective is to dedicate the time  and the resources it takes to achieve the best results.

Wooden boasts a quick and efficient production process. This way, every month new clothes are available both online and in physical store.